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Manna Market

This month's Manna Market is this Friday, August 21st. Sign-up to help today! There is still a lot of help needed. It looks like the greatest need is getting boxes of food out of the building then into cars then cleaning up afterward.

It also looks like we need help weighing and transporting trash, which was my personal favorite part of last month's Manna Market. The heaviest bag I weighed last month was just under 65Ibs. Who doesn't enjoy getting functional training in?



If you are interested in a driveway home-visit, follow the calendly link below and reserve a time slot or two.


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Returning this Fall

There are some questions I cannot answer because we do not know yet and others will probably pop up after we start gathering again. I will answer questions and concerns when I can. Last week the groups that are in the building at the same time met to discuss the big picture and created an ideal flow for the evening that allows all of our groups to gather in a healthy and safe manner. I outlined the main points concerning youth and their families below.

- Senior High Youth will start meeting Wednesday, September 16 @ 6:30PM. We will be gathering in the lower parking lot for a bonfire.

- Weather permitting, we will gather outside meeting in the lower parking lot on September 23 & 30 as well.

- Senior Youth will only enter and exit the building from Door E while Confirmation Students will only use Door A. An Adult Bible Study will be using the Main Entrance as their point of entry.

- When Senior Youth are indoors, masks are required in accordance with the statewide mask mandate. The sanctuary will be our primary gathering space for large group activities, and small groups will gather in other designated spaces in the area nearest the sanctuary.

- Small groups will be responsible for disinfecting the spaces they use, and we will rotate which one or two are responsible for disinfecting the sanctuary follow large group exercises.