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Youth Families,


This week, we continue both our Wednesday and Sunday Bible Study series. On Wednesday, our discussion will be about God’s presence in our struggles. In those times, He is with us, guiding, strengthening and supporting us, which creates new opportunities and perspectives for us to witness and share His love in the future. On Sunday, our discussion will be about how Jesus went out of His way for others during His ministry. Many times, the people He went out of His way for are people we may actively avoid. He calls us to drop our negative attitudes and assumptions toward many others and humbly serve them out of love.


I was hoping to spend our next few Wednesday nights outside. At this time, it looks like this Wednesday’s weather is not favorable, but we will meet outside for the remaining Wednesdays of the education season if the weather permits, otherwise we will meet in the youth room.



Jim Kuns informed me of a shut-in congregation member that needs help maintaining their lawn and yard this year. They have a mower and any other supplies you may need to accomplish the work they need done. If you are interested in more information and supporting this family, please contact Jim by phone (763) 427-9859 or email (


Our Green Valley gift card fundraiser is well under way. If you would like to purchase any gift cards or encourage family members to do so, please see the order form attached. You may use this form for a personal order or to have family members place orders to you. All green valley cards can be purchased at the Welcome Center Desk, Monday-Friday from 9AM-4PM, Wednesday from 6:15PM-6:45PM and Sunday before and after worship services. The $7 profit per $25 gift card will be contributed to the line designated on the order form.


End of the year party!

The education season is coming to a close, quickly. Our end of the year party is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25 starting at 5:30PM at Mississippi River Community Park in Anoka. Please see the attached RSVP form for more information and return it to myself or Carol by Wednesday, May 18th if you plan to attend. We want to have enough Jellybean and Julia’s for everyone.

End of the Year Picnic RSVP


Wednesday, underclassmen families will receive an email about helping at the Senior Celebration. Thursday, there will be a NYG specific email as well.

Keep an eye out for those throughout the week, and as always, contact me with any of your questions of comments.


god's blessings

Alexander Irwin

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Main: 763.421.3223

Direct: 952.600.1269, ext. 126