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Wednesday February 24

NO Opening Praise and Worship

          Attend Lenten Service with your family at 6:30pm

          Confirmation  7:00pm


          5-6 grade and any new students and their parents meet in the Cana Hall

First Communion Lesson 1


          7-8 grade meet in the Family Center

Apostles Creed Lesson 1    

Prizes if you bring your Bible and catechism (Because you really need them and I am not above a little bribery…)

            Let me know if you still need a catechism or if you paid for one and never received it.


Sunday February 28

               Sunday School and Bible Study

          We are back in the Gospel Project lessons, working our way through Holy Week.

               Jesus is Questioned

Last week we heard how Jesus was welcomed by the crowds as He triumphantly entered Jerusalem. But He was also criticized by the religious leaders. This week, we will examine how Jesus responded to the questions asked by those leaders. They wanted to trap Jesus with His own words. When Jesus answered their questions, He spoke from the authority of God’s Word and left everyone, including His adversaries, amazed. Likewise, it is by the authority of God’s Word that we can encounter Jesus and marvel at His supreme worth. Jesus is the Word of God in human flesh, the only One who can perfectly reveal all of God’s truth with divine authority.


Sunday Morning Bible Study

On Sunday mornings at 9:00am.

7th-8th Grade meet in Senior Youth Room or bring your family to Family Sunday School

5th-6th Grade meet in the Family Center


Summer Servant Event

            Wilderness Dates are July 19-22

            6-7-8 Grade   

Let me know if you have questions. Registration materials are outside my office.

Carol Kietzman

Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Youth and Families:  Junior Youth and Sunday School

763-421-7156 ext 107

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make your path straight.”  Proverbs 3:5-6