Sermon Series: Gratitude

Living a Life of Thankfulness

November 6 - 24

Fundamental Gratitude

Gratitude's Nemesis: The Grumble

What Unites Us

Fullness of Life

  • Fundamental Gratitude (November 6/7)

    Scripture:         Genesis 8:15-9:1; Exodus 12:24-27  

    Opening Thought: Practicing gratitude, receiving and expressing God’s grace, is the foundation for building a deep and meaningful life. Gratitude is a virtue, and other virtues, such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, thankfulness, and self-control piggyback on intentionally giving and receiving God’s grace – the practice of gratitude.

    8:00 AM

    10:30 AM

  • Gratitude's Nemesis: The Grumble (November 13/14)

    Scripture:         Exodus 16:1-8; Numbers 11:1-3; James 1:12-15

    Opening Thought: Grumbling and complaining undermine the grace of God and poison the heart. Thankfully, grumbling does not have the final say. God’s grace surpasses the grumble. You do not have to earn your way into a spirit and posture of gratitude. You can receive grace at any time and live in it.

    8:00 AM

    10:30 AM

  • What Unites Us (November 20/21)

    Scripture:         Acts 2:42-47; Romans 3:20-25a

    Opening Thought: There is so much that divides us – but gratitude can unite us. “Lord, help us to see and believe the best in one another, help us to be grateful for others, and grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made for us all. AMEN.”

    8:00 AM

    10:30 AM

  • Thanksgiving Eve: Fullness of Life (November 24)

    Scripture:        Philippians 4:4-8; Luke 2:8-11


    Opening Thought: Gratitude is an essential ingredient on the journey to a fullness of life, to the abundant life promised in Christ. Imagine your life, your relationships, your home, your mental health if you chose gratitude. Gratitude is not limited by life’s circumstances. In all stages of life, it’s possible to choose living a life of thankfulness.

    6:30 PM