Sermon Series: God's Grace

October 9 - 31


More than Forgiveness

Paralyzed by Grace

Spreading Grace, Peace and Truth

  • More Than Forgiveness (October 9/10)

    Scripture: Titus 2:11-14; Matthew 7:7-11

    Opening Thought:  This is a journey for all of us to take together: seasoned saints, new believers, and those who are exploring whether the good news of Jesus is really true. The topic of God’s grace is so vast, certainly much more than we can cover in four weeks. But I hope that we can begin the journey together and that each of us will spend the rest of our lives on the wonderful journey of learning and entering into God’s grace in greater and greater measure.

    8:00 AM

    10:30 AM

  • Paralyzed by Grace (October 16/17)

    Scripture:   Hebrews 10:1-3; Matthew 11:26-31

    Opening Thought: Grace is about more than knowing, it’s also about being. If God wants to give me the grace to be more like Jesus, and if it takes a little effort on my part, then count me in. It’s how we take the yoke. It’s how we position ourselves to learn from him.

    8:00 AM

    10:30 AM

  • Humility Brings Grace (October 23/24)

    Scripture: 1 Peter 5:5-11;  Matthew 18:1-4

    Opening Thought: Pride harms us deeply; grace heals us utterly. Is it any wonder that “God resists the proud?” We should be the kind of people who humble ourselves. On the other hand, if we do not humble ourselves, we may just find out that God is opposing us. Today, I invite you to take inventory of your heart. A humble heart paves the way for a greater grace; a prideful heart does the opposite. Which one describes your heart?

    8:00 AM

    10:30 AM

  • Spreading Grace, Peace and Truth (October 30/31)

    Scripture1 Peter 4:7-11; John 1:14-18

    Opening Thought: Not only does grace grow in the community we call church, but it also grows in the most unlikely places of the church, among our shortcomings, our hypocrisies, and failings. If everyone in the church had his or her act together, what need would there be to extend grace? We steward the grace we have received by the way we speak and act toward others in the church.

    8:00 M

    10:30 AM