Driven Heroes of the Bible

July 21 - August 25 (2019)

  • Ruth (7/21/19) 

    The good things of life ultimately come to an end. Children grow up. Relatives move away. Spouses die. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if family ties could last forever? The good news from God is that His family will last forever. We will see how Ruth not only remained faithful to her earthly family, but also played her part in establishing the eternal family of believers in God.

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  • Samuel (7/28/19)

    Hannah prayed with all her might for the gift of a son, and God granted that request in the birth of Samuel. Samuel turned out to be everything Hannah had hoped for – and more. We will take a close look at the call of Samuel in the temple, and we’ll see how God used Samuel as His messenger, His mouthpiece.

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  • Solomon (08/04/19)

    Imagine being the son of King David! He was by God’s designation the greatest king of Israel. The Messiah would be identified as his Son. Solomon had huge sandals to fill. But instead of shirking his duty, he willingly took it up. Instead of doing his own thing, he faithfully fulfilled the plans and dreams of his father – and of his heavenly Father.

  • Jeremiah (8/11/19)

    Eeyore, the stuffed donkey from the Winnie the Pooh stories, was a “woe is me” kind of guy. Do you know any “Eeyores?” People accused the prophet Jeremiah of being a pessimist. They called him the “prophet of doom.” But Jeremiah’s call was to tell the truth – no matter what it cost him – because only the truth would ultimately make it possible for the people of Judah to have lasting peace and joy.

  • Timothy (8/18/19)

    Timothy had the advantage of having a mother and grandmother who read to him the most important stories of all. As a child, Timothy learned the Scriptures, which ingrained in his heart forever the truths about God and His grace. Timothy never forgot. He remained faithful.

  • Lydia (8/25/19)

    Have you ever had last-minute guests? What’s the first thing you do to get ready? We worry so much about material things (laundry, cleaning, meals) that we often miss out on the pleasure of simply enjoying time spent with friends. Lydia had the gift of hospitality. Scripture shows how Lydia’s humble acts of service brought rich blessings to Christ’s church.