Sunday Lenten Series – 2020 – “Dead Man Walking – Loved Back to Life”

March 1-29, 2020

Theme Verse: “…Count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 6:11 NIV)

  • this Changes Everything (March 1)

    The name Adam means “man.” The first man failed. He stood idly by, passively participating in the destruction of the human race. The Bible calls Jesus the second Adam. He came to complete what the first Adam, the first man, could not do. The God-man Jesus came to die in our place, to take all our sin upon him, so that we could be reconciled to a loving God. This changes everything.   

  • Right On! (March 8)

    In spite of Abraham’s failure to keep God’s law, God still considered him righteous. Not because of anything Abraham had done, but because he believed God’s word. That’s the miracle of saving faith - the kind of faith that comes by God’s grace and God counts as righteousness. Right(ousness) on, because of Jesus. 

  • Shame Off You (March 15)

    On account of the grace shown to us through Jesus, God declares us “not guilty” of the sin that we are guilty of doing! Christ’s blood has paid the price for our salvation, and His blood gives us not only the hope but also the assurance that we are right with God. This declaration of being pardoned of our sin means that we are saved from sin and it’s shame, death and its consequence. We don’t have to fear it! 


  • Lighten Up! (March 22)

    God has brought us into the light so that we might let his light shine. That is what the Lord encourages us to do. This is not always easy, because the world is not looking for the light of Christ. The world is looking for our light, or the world is looking at its own light–which is really darkness. So we are to reflect the light of the glory of God which is a light in our hearts through faith.  


  • The Flesh is Weak, But the Spirit is Life! (March 29)

    The Holy Spirit provides us freedom through Christ. This freedom does not depend on our works, or our wealth, not even all our worry, but this freedom comes to us by God’s grace and is his free gift of salvation. Then, understanding that and beginning to appreciate that divine freedom more and more in our life, we have freedom to serve Christ.