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Spiritual Fitness

by Pastor Jon Haakana

Last month in my article I talked about how in the New Year it is important for a fresh start, to begin each year by taking stock of one’s spiritual condition and make any changes necessary to become a more faithful, spiritual child of God. I want to share three keys to being spiritually fit in our daily lives as Christ followers.

To say that our nation is caught up in a fitness craze is an understatement. Physical fitness has become a billion dollar business in the United States and continues to grow. At any given time you can find the latest “infomercial” on television featuring the latest fitness product on the market. I especially like the creative names of the fitness equipment. For example: “The Thigh Master,” “The Abdominizer” and “The Gut-Be-Gone.” Most of the fitness products also come with a training video … but wait! There’s more! If you order now we’ll send you free our latest training videos on: “Abs of Steel” and “Buns of Steel”. And for our first fifty customers we’ll also include “The Elvis Presley Guide to Nutrition; the Later Years.”

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"Count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus."
Romans 6:11 (NIV)

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