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Sunday School



Family Sunday School

All ages up through 6th grade meet in the Family Center



Each family will be at their own table, learning together!


Join us this week as we learn about Jesus’ Baptism!

4 5 20 BBC Kids Sunday School - Jesus' Baptism - YouTube

Our lesson is found in Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3; John 1

Jesus’ Baptism

Story Point:  Jesus Obeyed God by being Baptized


Why was Jesus baptized since He was without sin?

The word baptism means a “washing” but this was more than just getting wet.

John’s baptism called for people to repent and be baptized.

Jesus submitted to this baptism in order to align Himself with sinners.

He was the obedient, righteous Lamb of God.


November Memory Gem - see image insert. 


7th and 8th grade meet in the Senior Youth Room for your Gospel Project Bible Study.



Worship Times have been adjusted.

8:00am Traditional Worship

10:00am Contemporary Worship

Carol Kietzman

Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Director of Children’s Ministries

763-421-7156 ext 107

Sunday School News

Vacation Bible School Postponed to 2021


Jesus Power Pulls us Through


Due to the unfortunate, unknown, and unpredictable nature of Covid-19, many of our “normal” activities are not and cannot be “normal”.


Families are varied in how they are reacting to this virus.

Some are ready to just get everything back to what was planned and some are still hunkered down at home.


Out of respect for this uncertainty,

we will be postponing our 2020 VBS until next year.


We look forward to providing your family with the Vacation Bible School experience that you are accustomed to in June of 2021.


See you then!