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Confirmation ProgramTwo year catechesis program for fifth and sixth graders which uses Luther’s Small Catechism and the Bible as the main curriculum. The goal of confirmation is to help children reaffirm their baptismal vow by learning about the faith using the six chief parts of the catechism.

Confirmation Class 2011


Please pray for the Confirmation Class of 2011


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The purpose of Mount Olive's confirmation ministry is to assist young people in developing a personal understanding of and commitment to their baptismal vows. Confirmation, part of our four-year CREED program junior youth for grades 5-8) is the first two years in a four year process. The acronym CREED focuses on the key elements of the process itself:


Confession (of faith)

Reaffirmation (of Baptismal vows)

Education (in the Basic Christian teachings, the Six Chief Parts)

Encouragement (to grow as a Christian community)

Disciplines (for growth in a Christ-like faith)


And after two years of confirmation, the students will participate in two more years called Living Disciples. These next two years will focus on teaching the students how to apply what they have learned from the Bible and Catechism as well as developing relationships with other believers in this local body of Christ which will hopefully last a lifetime.


For the Family:


As part of the commitment in the CREED Ministry discipleship process it is expected that parents and their child will:


* Worship at Mount Olive regularly (Exodus 20:8; Matthew 10:32; Hebrews 10:24-25). And when not able to attend Mount Olive , they will find another place of worship. Please be sure to sign the attendance pads in the pews so that your attendance can be recorded.

* Actively participate in Bible Study or Sunday School as often as possible (Romans 10:17 and 12:2; John 8:31-32).

* Attend fellowship events with other Christians (Hebrews 10:24; Romans 12:4-5).

* Find some ways to serve others as Christ has served us (John 13:1-17; Ephesians 2:8-10)

* Share their personal testimony to those who may not yet know Christ as their personal Savior (1 Peter 3:15; Matthew 28:19-20)


For the Students:


* Class: Students should attend all classes, be on time and have all assignments prepared by due dates, including Memory Work.

* Small Group Prayer and Discussion: Each class period students will gather to share the ups and downs (Pows and Wows) of their week and to pray for the needs of each other. In addition students will also partake in discussions concerning class instruction.

* Review Questions: In preparation for the following week’s class, students will be assigned a number of review questions. All assigned questions should be completed before the beginning of the next class period.

*Memory Work: Students will be assigned memory work twice monthly. In addition to practice time at home, the students will work with their small groups to memorize the Bible or catechism selection. The students will be evaluated regularly in their small groups.

* Worship Notes: To help students process their worship experience, they are asked to fill out “Worship Note” forms twice a month. They need a total of 16 per year. These can be done at Mount Olive or any other Christian church that was attended.

* Servant Hours: As Jesus served us, so we are to serve one another. In light of this, students will be asked to practice a life of service by performing hours of service within the church and community. The students are asked to complete 16 hours of service during September to May and should fill out a “Servant Hours” form each time they serve.

* Fun and Fellowship Nights: Students will several opportunities to participate in large or small group fun and fellowship time. They will be given specific information regarding the details of the events as the date approaches. Participation in Fun and Fellowship nights encourages relationship building and camaraderie between students and adults.

* Elder Interviews: Several times during the year, students and their parents will meet with their Elders or other mentors to share and discuss the growth of their faith and discipleship.


For the Students:

At Mount Olive , we believe that it is God’s design for parents to be the primary teacher of the faith and the church is to be a source of training and support for the parents. (Deuteronomy 6:5-7; Proverbs 22:6; Ephesians 6:4)


With this in mind the following list of expectations and guidelines are for the parents to consider, not only for their personal journey of faith but also for the journey of their children.


* Pray Regularly for and with your child that the Holy Spirit may help your child grow as one of God’s people. (This is the Spirit’s special work.)

* Make sure your child attends class regularly and on time. This may mean helping your child to set proper priorities by putting aside or rearranging some other commitments for a while such as sports on Wednesday nights or doing homework earlier in the day or the previous day.

* Talk with your child about the importance of studying God’s work. Help your child understand discipleship as a life-long journey of faith. It is your responsibility to pass on the faith to your child.

* Know what your child is learning. We highly recommend and encourage parents to attend class sessions with their child. This will give parents first hand knowledge of what their child is learning and will aid in family discussions of the material. In addition, parents may be asked to assist as small group leaders and adult chaperones for various events and activities. Parents are also asked to help their child memorize the Memory Work. Think of it as a great review of your Christian heritage.

* Listen to your child’s questions and be honest with your answers. Join your child in searching Scripture for God’s answers.

* Set a good example of Christian faith and life for your child. Children need role models to help put into practice what they are learning. For example: regular worship and prayer, daily Bible Study, maintaining fellowship with other Christians, serving one another in love, and sharing their faith with others who may not yet know the Risen Christ and His power to save.


Upon entering the Confirmation classes, Mount Olive and families covenant to work together to encourage, educate and celebrate adolescents in their journey of faith.  Mount Olive Congregation and Staff pledge their love, prayers, support, and understanding in training families to live to love people to Christ.


If at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact

Carol Kietzman at 763.421.7156 x 107 or