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Teachers Assistant for 3-4 Year Olds Tues/Fri
    - Mrs. Monica
Teachers Assistant for 3-4 Year Olds Mon/Thurs
    - Mrs. Davis

M/Th 3-4's Full Day Class
T/F 3-4's Half Day Class
Parent & 2's (begins in January)



Christy & Monica


Email Mrs. Christy at

Updated Calendar & Newsletters will be updated as the new year starts but see below for an example from last year of the fun activities we do at Mount Olive Christian.


M/Th Full Class

-Calendar and Newsletter



T/F Half Day Class

-Calendar and Newsletter



Parent & 2's (January)

- Calendar and Newsletter

- Intro Letter

- Schedule



Food Shelf Donations

Field Trips
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3-4 Year Old Class Activity Pictures

Friends Exploring the Sensory Table

Making "Matt Man" during Handwriting
Without Tears Time

Enjoying the Sunshine at Mt. Olive Park