Upcoming Events

November 22:  
Thanksgiving Eve Worship
6:30 PM

November 23/24:
Thanksgiving/Church Office Closed

November 25:
500 Card Club Fellowship

December 1-3:
Senior Youth Retreat

December 3:
Vision Assembly

December 5:
Christmas Tea

December 9-10:
Christmas Tonight &
Youth Bake Sale
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December 15:
Manna Market

December 17:
Family Christmas Event in Family Center 9:00 AM

December 23:
No Saturday Worship
500 Card Club Fellowship

December 24:
Advent Worship:
8:00 & 10:30 AM
  No Education Hour
Family Christmas Eve: 4:00 PM
Candlelight Christmas: 7:00 PM

December 25:
Christmas Day Worship
9:30 AM

December 30:
No Saturday Worship

December 31:
8:00 & 10:30 AM
  No Education Hour

January 1:
Church Office Closed

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Key Verse:

“He must increase, but I must decrease” John 3:30 (KJV)

Reducing the "I"
By Pastor Jon Haakana

Several years ago the New York Telephone Company made a detailed study of telephone conversations to find out which word is the most frequently used. Can you guess which word that was? It was a personal pronoun "I." I was used 3900 times in 500 telephone conversations.

We like ourselves. We like to look at ourselves. If you go into the lobby of a big building, you’ll sometimes find the walls filled with mirrors. They often do that because they’ve discovered that people complain less about waiting for slow elevators when they’re occupied looking at themselves.

We like to talk about ourselves. One of the surest ways of starting a conversation with someone is to ask them about themselves. In fact one of the main things this world encourages us to do - is to center attention on ourselves. Socrates said, "Know yourself." The psychiatrist says: "Express yourself." Many Counselors will say: "Love yourself.” The hedonist says: "Enjoy Yourself." The waiter will tell you: "Indulge yourself." The Personnel manager advises you: "Assert yourself." The health aid companies will advertise: "Take care of yourself." Leisure time industries will tell you: "Pamper yourselves."
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